Statement of Faith

First Love Foundation (FLO) is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as First Love Gospel Support Ministry.

The following are her aims and objectives, inter alia:

(a) To teach and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all persons and nations irrespective of Sex, Race, Creed, Belief or Station in life and in this respect, the Foundation designs and adopts legitimate and suitable strategies or modes for effectively and functionally reaching its target audience.

(b) To support, promote, sponsor and facilitate the growth and expansion of the Gospel Worldwide, thorough Outreaches and or Crusades whether undertaken by the Ministry or other organizations or persons in partnership with or under the auspices of the Ministry.

(c) To  act and offer itself as Capital, Infrastructural and human resource support base for Churches, Christian Organization or individuals engaged in the propagation of the Gospel and in this connection, the Ministry may acquire, own, keep, develop and maintain any and all kinds of mechanical, physical, electronic, structural, or any other infrastructure, including Estates, Parks, Farms, Hostels, Lodges, Studies, Libraries, telecom-equipment, Outreaches and Crusade equipment, Vehicles of all kinds and all other necessities that would enable and facilitate in any manner the attainment of the aims objectives for which this Ministry is set up.

(d) To engage in non-profit yielding projects for purposes of raising funds to sustain the general objectives and programmes of the Ministry and or the development, improvement, or emancipation of the human race and mankind.

(e) To render economic, technical logistic and spiritual assistance or aid to organization and churches engaged in the business of evangelism and missions.

(f) To initiate, motivate, encourage, mobilize and harness public, corporate individual or governmental support for evangelism and mission and the general growth of the Gospel business.

(g) To teach, train and provide a medium through which members may continue to grow in the faith.

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