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-By Ima Nkanta


I see hope. Job says if a tree is cut down, shall it live again. All the days of my life shall I wait until my change come. Job saw hope in the middle of his long-suffering. Others didn't see what he saw, that was why they didn't have the right perspective over his plight. It takes exercise of great faith in the God for one going through unmitigated pain to hang his or her hope in God. When you trust someone enough, you could take this kind of risk, knowing that out of the darkness comes light.


It's a mystery how someone beset by many problems to still boast: " I know that my Redeemer liveth," Job saw hope even in his hopeless situation.


As I begin each new season, I am struggling hard to forget the painful moments of seasons. I see through the eyes of hope that this era, my Sun of righteousness will shine again. I see through the eyes of hope that all that is down now will rise again. I see through the eyes of hope that the tree cut down will sprout again, as long as the stomp is still making contact with the soil, for Christ in me is the hope of my glory.


I see through the eyes of hope that my disadvantages will soon become a chariots through which I will ride to the glorious dawn of a new day, a new beginning. For me, it's not over yet. I refuse to allow the failures and short comings of last year define how I should live this year. I can't give up the fight to ensure that I bring changes that are pleasant into my desperate moments this year.  I am anchoring my hope on God’s Word, trusting that soon the tide will turn in my favour. I will not have to weep secretly and pretend in open as if all were well with me, for indeed, my joys this year will advertise my new status and announce to my mockers that, ‘my redeemer liveth.’


I see hope. I see hope. Hopes that my dry bones shall live again; that I shall put on my dancing shoes again; that the barren womb shall bear; that the reproaches of debts were over. Hope is saying to me, 'fear not the darkness for the dawn of joy cometh.'


Who would have thought that dry bones can live and achieve their God given heritage? Who would have believed that they dry womb of Sarah, of Elizabeth, of Hannah would bear? Of Daniel who hoped through the valley of lions, of Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego who hoped through the fire of tyrants. Of the psalmist who hoped "to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living."


I see hope. Isn't this the pattern of the patriarch, Abraham who’d exercised hope against hope that he should see hope become alive. And indeed he saw his hope lived in human habitation. Or of the oppressed people of Israel whose oppressors made clear he won't let them go, but yet the glimpse of hope sustained them in hope; that though the roads were hard and dreary, yet they hoped themselves beyond the Jordan to possess a land of flourishing hope.


When men say, 'it cannot be done. Hope says, 'there is a way, just place your hands on the plough ' and don't look back.

I see hope. I see hope. Up on the horizon there comes a bright new beginning where joy, enthusiasm and fulfilment reign. Cling unto hope. You will not fail again this era!

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