Next Generation Outreach


First Love Foundation has deep passion for young people. This has led to the establishment of Next Generation, a youth wing of First Love Foundation.  It is a forum that mobilizes youths from all works of life and Christian denominations to equip and motivate them to discover and actualize their purposes on earth, explore and exploit their talents and creatively deploy them for the good of the church and the society. 


The forum creates a platform for the youths to showcase their innate and acquired skills, challenging them to attain the height of excellence and effectiveness in life, career and ministry. The Next Generation pulls a rich reservoir of resources and competencies deployed through a broad range of talents, skills and charisma to empower and reposition youths to face the present realities of life, and confront the future with boldness and certainty.  Seminars, conventions, conferences, talent hunts, skills exhibition, talk shows and tours are some of the avenues Next Generation explores to unleash the potentialities of young people.

Next Generation also interfaces with other youths and leadership groups, churches, businesses and government to lead the drive for moral and social transformation. 

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